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Fluoroboric acid

Another Name: Hydrofluoroboric Acid; Tetrafluorobric

Molecular Formula: HBF4

Relative Molecular Weight: 87.83

Properties: Fluoroboric acid is a colorless and transparent liquid strong acid. It can exist in a pure. It can only exist in aqueous solution. In general the industrial product is about 42-48% of aqueous solution. Its relative density is 1.32-1.37, Fluoroboric acid is steady in concentrated solution. It can be resolved when it is heated to 130°C. It can mix and dissolve with water or alcohol. The product is toxic and very corrosive.

Application: The product is often used as organic synthetic catalyst or as cleaning agent filmr-Emving agent and polishing compound compound on the surface of metal aluminium and stainless steel in a fluoroborate electroplating trough, and also used as chemical remover for lead and tinning layer. In petroleum industry, HBF4 can be used as acidification for siliceous oil rock well.

Storage: It should be stored in a cool and ventilated storehouse.

Transport: The product belongs to Grade B inorganic acid corrosive goods. It should be kept away from the rain and the sunlight during its transportation.

Packing: The product is refilled in a polyvinyl chloride plastic drum, its net weight is 25kg, per drum, clear signs of intense poison. Corrosive goods and upward should appear on the packs.

Item Index
Fluoroboric acid(HBF4), % ≥ 42.0
Free boric acid(H2BO3), % ≤ 2.5
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